Fashion industry in India

Fashion Industry we talk globally is $1.2 trillion industry and if we talk about India textile fashion industry is 108 billion dollars. Fashion in today’s world in every sphere of life, in today’s world a person is judged by the fashion that he or she follows. His or her’s mordantly is judged by the kind of fashion he or she follows. If we talk about the kind training that we get in fashion in India is really at the top most level. We have top most institute in India where we can learn about fashion and not only fashion but each and every department that is related to fashion. To name a few institute NIFT, IIFT and   Pear Academy etc. India is also the second most   largest population for all fashion brands and the second largest market in the world. If we talk about the international brands we have not only there stores but we have there corporate offices across India to name a few we have corporate offices for brands like Gap, Zara, H&M so on and so forth. Stores for Zara, H&M and Gap are also situated in Delhi NCR. And this is a clear indication that how much these brands are interested in capturing Indian Market. Because they know that  we have the second largest youth population in the world. So to sum it up fashion industry in India is not only contributing to India’s GDP but also providing employment to Indians which is indeed a good thing.