Fashion Trends in India

As we all know that fashion play’s a very important role in today’s world.  Fashion  means that what is in today. Fashion trend is a cycle of every 10 to 15 years, it keeps on coming back. For example in 70’s the big frame shades were in and if you see today they are back once again. But fashion does not mean that if a particular fashion is in these days you need to follow that only. First a person should see for himself that the particular fashion suits him or not because it is not necessary that a fashion which is in will suite your body type or your personality. It is better to follow something which suits your body type irrespective of the fact that whether a particular thing is in or not. The most important thing is how a person carries a particular dress. In fashion industry the main thing is color contrast and different dresses for different occasions. Like we cannot wear a suit if we are going for a evening walk and vise a versa. So different   occasions   should have different dress codes.  This not only boosts your personality but this also gives you a certain amount of confidence for that particular occasion. And this also sets the mood for that occasion. So what I would say in the end is do not follow fashion for the sake of following it follow a particular fashion if you think that it will light the occasion and most important thing ask yourself  that will you be able to carry it well.