Friend with trend

Fashion’ refers to an obvious display of exquisite liking for the unique and trendy things. The trend that makes you look outstanding and gorgeous. The   sparkling fashion could be seen long back in the majestic and amazing caves of Ajanta Ellora and other primitive civilizations. In the present world every soul looks very keen to keep the pace with the time. Fashion cannot be confined to the attire or costumes. It might be your way of life, presentation and your body-language. It depends how delightful your personality is. It has been observed after every 15-20 years there is reversal of old fashion with certain innovative ideas. The fashion of sixtees might be repeated by some celebrities  of some prominent world probably Bollywood or Hollywood  or sometimes leaders and sports personalities.The renowned personalities have changed the world with their fascinating ideas that compels everyone to give a halt to the out dating , dull and monotonous ways of life. The French people are well-known for their sophisticated life-styles. The modern dress-styles is the pronouncement of freedom, comfort and convenience. The  cumbersome , comical fashion is frowned upon. The youngsters go for easy-going life-styles that suits their daily life. For instance jeans is very appealing to all ages for its less maintenance status rather the youth just grabs jeans and cherish its various kinds and brands. Its now a staple in the fashion world in place of formal trousers that preferred in the office –hours. The selection of outfits is primarily based on season and comfort. The follows the latest trendy , iconic , fabulous dresses. The manufacturers gauging the demands come in the market with various options. The slogans like beat the blues, loafer style and the new-age pant are very commonly viewed. The women‘s outfits are ethnic, trendy that constitute a billion dollars business. In 18th century the royal court drape was in trend. The changes were seen during the world war first as they were somewhat radical. A single piece drape changed into two or three piece suit. Jeans was never in a mainstream as it is very widely accepted worldwide. Since the women have accepted their family liabilities, the girls borrowed male outfit and soon it has become popular globally. Thus the fashion industry has been contributing in the growth of GDP by boosting the export and earning foreign currency. The formal attire has been accepted in the multi-national companies whereas in formalities have been precedent. American informal outfits are the signature trends in the twenty first century. The fashion keeps passing through transitional phases.  60s for the first time saw a widespread popular hairstyle includes bob, pageboy and beehives. In 1970s ready to wear and weightless fabric was accepted and men gradually started becoming more conscious n selection of fabrics and colors. The buyers should be a solo wolf while hunting for the best suited outfit for themselves , three sizes of footwear should be tried, selection of colours  likewise. The unnecessary hoarding must be avoided and old clothes must be donated in order to give the way to new arrivals.